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Xiamen's deep-water harbor created a natural port, and from the earliest outside contact with Portuguese traders in the 1500s, its geography made it an important stop for commerce.

The Opium War treaties of 1842 further opened trade and, with the Jiulong River connecting the bay to the interior, it became a busy entry point for Christian missionaries.

XIAMEN, China -- This port on the southeast coast, across the Taiwan Straits from Taiwan, is one of China's busiest and most historic.

The city sits mostly on an island, sprawls onto the mainland and fills an immense bay area connected by bridges and ringed by tall buildings on hillsides.

These Chinese mestizos, products of intermarriages during the Spanish colonial period, then often opted to marry other Chinese or Chinese mestizos .

A recent political thaw with nearby Taiwan opened yet another vital artery for commerce and sightseers.As we circled above on an Air China flight in the wee hours of a summer night, the glowing sprawl below that is modern Xiamen reminded me of San Francisco.This was my first trip to China since 1981, and I was coming to teach at Xiamen University. Never mind that the city's current population of 2.5 million would make it fourth-largest in the U. If it isn't Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or the Great Wall, what do Americans know about China? In fact, I discovered the city to be everything many Americans do not expect to find in China: long, golden sandy beaches, palm trees, subtropical climate with mild winters, leisurely attractions, public parks with meticulously manicured gardens -- and clean air. The city ranks as the country's second-most habitable city, behind Dalian, another coastal community in the northeast, according to a survey published in China Daily.When used as an adjective, "Chinese Filipino" may take on a hyphenated form or may remain unchanged.During the Spanish Colonial Period, the term Sangley was used to refer to people of unmixed Chinese ancestry while the term Mestizo de Sangley was used to classify persons of mixed Chinese and indigenous Filipino ancestry; both are now out of date in terms of usage. They have both been instrumental in the development of radiocarbon dating methodology since 1959 and have published more than 100 papers. Tamers was a director for university radiocarbon dating labs for twenty years before he commercialized radiocarbon dating analysis as Beta Analytic chairman and lab director.


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