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I promised we'd be married through the good times and the bad, On days when things are rosy, and on others when we're mad...

Through filthy stinking rich or wrapping pennies in a roll, In spite of any obstacle that comes to take its toll....

Hearing loss affects all ages, but specifically, there are more baby boomers aged 45-64 with hearing loss (10 million) than there are people over the age of 65 with hearing loss (9 million).

As baby boomers reach mid-age, a time when hearing loss frequently becomes more noticeable, they face concerns about what to do about their hearing loss.

I hope Stand Up can be the pregnancy support network that you so desperately need at this time in your life.

Finding the right words to describe your love is easy with Hallmark’s large selection of anniversary cards.

We offer so many different tones, aesthetics and messages to suit any couple, including same-sex couples celebrating an anniversary.

Our stories are a lot like yours of planned or unplanned pregnancy…if we can do it, so can you! Read more: Welcome To Stand Up Girl Hi my sister had an abortion when she was around 15 or 16 and I have no one I talk to.

The baby wasn't growing right and likely wouldn't survive.


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    The symbols used to represent 0 through 10 are pictured below, with their European/Arabic equivalent: Numbers above (and including) 10 are not made by combining individual digits, like in the Arabic numeral system.

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