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Singers, bawdy comedians and acrobats were slotted in between tongue-in-cheek strip routines, which sometimes veered off into zany performance art.When Rudy Giuliani, New York's former mayor, began his pre-millennium crackdown on the city's seamy stripclubs, neo-burlesque (as it now known), with its campy irony and artsy audiences, survived.

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But in her chapter, she wrote specifically about why she likes the descriptor BBW: “I like to use the word fat because it’s unapologetic and political.

or a quick overview of the complexities of the word zaftig, take a look at the Los Angeles Jewish Home’s video circulating online in which its residents demystify the meaning of the word.

Charlotte Seeman says that zaftig means “a little bit on the heavy side,” to which the moderator, Marty Finkelstein, asks, “But in a good way?

So I explored this feeling through conversations with women I know and asked four of them what words they loved when it came to describing their big bodies. The first person I thought of when I starting thinking about this article was Tigress Osborn.

She wrote a chapter for my new anthology, Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion.


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