Who is tom cruise dating today

MORE: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Seemingly Confirm Their Relationship With Dinner Date! Katie and Jamie are looking at mid-summer when Suri is out of school.(Photo Credit: Getty Images) The timing could not be better for Katie.

A source involved in the production assures us the entire report is “untrue,” and Cruise and Kirby are 100 percent not dating.If only Tom Cruise had never experienced a knee injury, he would probably have become a professional wrestler instead of being a Hollywood actor.Whether it was a blessing in disguise or not, the incident surely has served as a major turning point in his life.It was on this trip that they discussed tying the knot."They would want it to be a quiet, under-the-radar ceremony in a romantic spot like Italy or the coast of France,” the insider adds.Sources say the DJ is smitten with fellow fishing enthusiast Phylicia Bugna, 26, after they met earlier this year, and they’ve enjoyed a string of romantic dates out at sea.


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