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Crime Pierce County prosecutors have filed charges against Gail Burnworth, the Spanaway woman arrested last week after a text message conversation about child pornography was seen on a flight out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.Crime Fourteen years after a 29-year-old man was found fatally shot in the head and stashed in the trunk of a car in Tacoma, Pierce County prosecutors have charged one of the victim’s acquaintances with first-degree murder. Gardin-Gonzalez, 32, is charged with first-degree murder, child rape, and kidnapping in the deaths of his estranged wife and her mother, as well as an assault on his stepdaughter, on July 31.Women can’t force themselves on young men because even at the young age of 12 and 13 boys have more strength than women. Now this doesn’t take into account the scrawny little emo kids of today, they can definitely be raped by a woman, but any normal looking boy can’t.Furthermore any boy that age would welcome being “raped” by their teachers. more »First off, I don’t see anything wrong with female sex offenders."This has become a crucially important channel of political communication," Justice Elena Kagan said.She reasoned that under North Carolina's social media ban "a person couldn't go onto those sites and find out what these members of our government are thinking or saying or doing." The justices also questioned the North Carolina law's exemption of chat- or photo-sharing-only websites.The case of a man from North Carolina brought before the Supreme Court has resulted in an interesting discussion on whether sex offenders should be banned from social media.Lester Packingham was convicted for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 2001 and was arrested again in 2010 for signing up for a Facebook account and posting on his wall.

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Two teenagers meet via a hookup app but one turned out to be younger than the magic legal age.

There are even ‘Justice 4 Zach’ t-shirts to drive home a poignant message about that scarlet letter, the sex offender registry.

The local paper, the Elkhart Truth, put the story (below) on the front page. The young man from Elkhart, 19, pleaded guilty in Berrien County, Mich., Trial Court in March to a misdemeanor count of criminal sexual conduct for having sex — consensual sex — on Dec. She said she was 17, and met him in person after a whirlwind courtship in cyberspace that started with a meeting via the social app Hot or Not.

His own wife packed up and left the country with the kids because she knows he is a sick bastard and she knows he is guilty as sin.

He claims to be a man of God yet he molests young boys.


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