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— Purvis Hatton, Jr., Maynard’s Ferry, Tennessee.” After all, if TV didn’t think we could see what is wrong with his swing, why keep showing us?

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Market research shows that the brand carries very strong notes of national pride and is regarded as a symbol of Slovenian economic landscape.

GC then did what TV has been doing since Woods began to regularly hit bad shots: It showed his swing in slow motion, as if we could see what he is doing wrong, as if we could fix him.

Yep, as soon as Woods finished his round, he will sift through his email suggestion box. Your right elbow continues to fly open, and if you don’t keep your left side still on your takeaway, you’re going to keep hooking your drives.

For example, TV thinks that, unlike the best coaches and most advanced technology in the world, we know, at a glance, what is wrong with Tiger Woods’ swing.

Thursday on the Golf Channel, Woods, still spinning his wheels — perhaps it is time he wore his red shirt on Fridays — hooked his tee shot into a tree line.


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